Monday, November 23, 2009

The Night Fox

Not long ago, a fox visited our yard. I was up about 2 am (unable to sleep). As I came out into the living room, I heard a metallic "clunk" from outside - the bunny was making her food bin hit against her cage. So I went over to the window to investigate, and saw that there was a fox on our back patio! Not any fox, but an incredibly bold one. He noticed movement at the window, looked up at me, and just stared at me. He finally decided I was not a threat, and went on to bother the bunny in her cage. This particular bunny is very bold. She did not realize that a serious predator was bothering her, and she was thumping her back feet at the fox, growling (yes, a cute bunny growl!), and banging her food bin. I opened the back door, and "yelled" at the fox (remember, it's 2 am), but he would NOT leave! I came out on the patio and he ran off into the grass. Then as soon as I went back in the house he came back onto the patio. I started throwing things at the fox, like a tennis ball that had been torn apart by the dogs.  The fox liked the tennis ball - it took the ball out into the yard and "played" with it, sticking it's nose inside and tossing it up in the air.  We played these games for quite awhile, and finally I had the brilliant idea of squirting water at him from a water bottle. I aimed for him, and hit him with a fine stream of water right between the eyes and he ran off into the yard again. He did not come back onto the patio again. I then went and slept on the sofa until David got up. The fox was back then, and on the patio bothering the bunny once more. David actually went out and chased the fox across the yard in his bathrobe!! The fox finally left, and we've not seen any sign of him since that night.